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"I cannot recommend working with Jenni enough!

When I started regularly doing energy coaching with her - I was so low emotionally - when I looked at my goals I wanted to throw up. I felt beaten, like my spirt was killed, And I didn’t know how to move forward. 

Slowly as I started working with her, I was able to clear the heavy emotions and find myself again. She has raised my awareness to where my obstacles and now, when they come up, I can call them out and see them for what they are instead of riding the emotional rollercoaster. 

My motivation, my emotional, spiritual, physical and financial health are at a wonderful level and I feel more empowered to be the best version of myself. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.


I’m so excited to continue working with Jenni as my business flourishes and I continue to develop myself."

Brittney CROFT, Entrepreneur, Idaho


"I am so grateful for Jenni, for her skills, knowledge, spirit, and talent. When I came to our session I was so nervous, yet Jenni helped me to make my experience calm and peaceful.


She is intuitive and does a wonderful job to work in Light, Love, and Compassion. As we worked to clear my mind clutter and stuck energy, Jenni shared her insights and thoughts that came. Those insights have helped me open my mind to more possibilities, and have brought peace to my heart.


As I continue to have shifts in my mind, body, and soul I am humbled to know that this work that Jenni does is Divine. Energy work has shifted my life for the better and Jenni has been a wonderful friend to work with."

tiana VEA KAUFUSI, Entrepreneur, arizona


"Aloha, my name is Barbie Anderson. I met Jenni at a retreat I was attending and was intrigued by the concept of energy healing. I have never experienced this nor did I know much about it.


Jenni’s presence was so calming and positive I wanted to see what this could do for me. She made me feel very comfortable and her intuition was spot on.


Jenni brought to surface things I never knew still hindered me. We did a lot of clearing and not just for me but generational.


Her emotional clearing moved me from a place where I was feeling blocked and confused to understanding and love for myself. Jenni spirit is bright and powerful.


My experience with her has unleashed pent up anxiety and allowed me to tap deeper into myself with mercy and kindness."

barbie ANDERSON, Entrepreneur, hawaii


"I met with Jenni for a reiki session at a women’s retreat.


I came to this retreat full of worry, stress, and fear. My son was recently hospitalized in the ICU. I thought we may lose him. My body had been in fight or flight for days.


She immediately sensed that I had been through trauma and proceeded to work with me clearing away the fear, the worry, and my body released the tension.


During a second session, I experienced incredible breakthroughs. From clearing multigenerational negative thoughts to receiving all good things is how we ended the session.


My body responded by feeling light and “clean” - I left the retreat feeling like a new person with limitless possibilities before me.


I’m ready to embrace all that life has to offer knowing that everything is going to be OK. And all things are working in my favor.


Thank you Jenni for sharing your gifts with the world. You are precious!"

Phyllis ANDERSON, Entrepreneur, california


"When I went for a session with Jenni I was ready to see some big changes in myself and to gain some clarity and peace in my heart.


When I visited, Jenni greeted me by name and with an infectious smile, she opened her doors and allowed me to express myself and my needs and desires in a comfortable setting.


Jenni offered more than just the peace and clarity I was hoping to clear. She reopened my heart and eyes to possibilities I forgot were there for me. My head and heart became clear and ready to tackle life with a new reset and perspective.


I would very highly recommend everyone to experience a session with Jenni."

Brooke mCcormick, Entrepreneur, utah


"I came to Jenni to release some trapped emotions that I felt were blocking me from big life decisions I was trying to make.


She was able to release layers of trapped emotions I didn’t realize I had. Her gentle way of guiding me through that process gave me so much peace of mind and I was able to fully trust her as she worked with me.


I left our session feeling light, less worried about the future, and I felt like I met my authentic self for the first time.


I am so grateful for Jenni, she truly has a gift to help heal people & love others."

Reese LARSON, Entrepreneur, california


"Jenni’s emotional clearing work is fascinating and very helpful.


I bring my topic and together she guides me through the curious process of naming and releasing what is stuck, holding me back, and causing me pain. 


While I notice immediate relief and ah-ha moments in our session, even more significant are the shifts in my thinking over the next 24 hours. I feel more freedom to move forward with my projects and I have more energy and commitment for them.


Jenni makes these sessions really wonderful. She has a beautiful and clear voice, she is calm and inviting, and she is extremely sensitive. Her intuition guides me to my underlying concerns. And she makes our experience very specific and action oriented with the words she captures during our session. She emails them to me after so I can continue my process. 


I feel lighter in my mind-body-spirit after our sessions and am looking forward to my next release work with her. 


I also bought gift certificates for each of my kids! Who can’t use this in today’s world?"

Kim Kuljian, mental fitness coach, california

Yoga at Home

"I had heard nothing but good things about Jenni and her ability to help others from a couple of friends. It became very clear to me at one point that I simply had to work with her. Fortunately, divine timing was in my favor.

Words cannot express who Jenni is. 

Jenni’s essence is palpable.

I am so grateful to her for the space she has held in my healing journey. My experience with her as my facilitator is nothing short of miraculous.

I will be forever grateful that she was willing to share her beautiful intuitive gifts with a complete stranger who has now become a dear friend.

Jenni is beyond gifted, intuitive, gracious, and she has a heart of pure gold. 

Stef FRESQUEZ, Entrepreneur, Utah

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