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"I am so much happier in every way thanks to Jenni Orton.  She genuinely cares so much and wants to help me to get well and to live my best life.  I have some very difficult chronic illnesses and every time I go to her I feel more whole as a person, lighter physically and mentally, and have less pain all over my body.   Not only does she do wonders with getting my whole body to flow better, she listens to me, believes in me, and has literally changed my life with her support." - Natalie, Salt Lake City, UT


"For the past four years, I've gone to Jenni for foot zoning, life coaching and now I can add to the list--face zoning.  I've been trying to figure out how to put into simple words, the experience I recently had with face zoning.


First, let's just talk about Jennifer Orton.  She is one of the best individuals you will ever meet!  She is AMAZING!!  She has some of the brightest eyes I have ever seen.  She is full of light!!  She has been given some very special gifts.  I'm grateful she is continuing her education and learning new techniques. Jenni always provides a calm, peaceful, and safe environment.   

I tend to over-think things.  As my brother says, "I over-think, my over-thinking."  I've been an anxious Annie for a couple of months now, and honestly the only time that my brain has calmed down was during and a little after the Face Zone.  I felt a lot of peace and clarity."  - Kami, Provo, UT

"I have had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic Lyme disease for 24 years.  I have suffered a great deal and tried an exhaustive variety of treatments to help me get well or even get some relief.  There have been very few that really made a difference, and Jenni is one of the top.  Every time I go to her, I feel like huge weights have been lifted from me and like all my scattered pieces have been put together again physically and emotionally.  I feel less pain, less fatigue, and my lymph flows much better so I detox better and don't feel so sludgy all the time. 

I have also been through a lot emotionally, and she has helped me heal in leaps and bounds compared to all the previous treatment I've done. 


Emotions need to heal in order for our bodies to heal and she has been the one to help me do this. I have never met anyone with better energy than she has.  She is kind, humble, smart, full of love and a true desire to help you in any way she can. She is a shining example of how an energy worker should be.  I have struggled with trusting people since going through some difficult relationships and Jenni has restored my faith in humanity.  She has been a true miracle-worker for me."  - Natalie, Salt Lake City

"I had been interested, curious, and even skeptical of energy work for over three years.  It took just one conversation with Jenni, for me to decide that she was the one I would trust with my trial run.  I'm now a regular and very happy client,  I have and will continue to enthusiastically recommend Jenni!" - Melanie, Salt Lake City


"I have had Jenni do foot zoning on me for a couple of years now. She is very intuitive, and has a very quiet demeanor in her ability to find problem areas on my body while doing foot zoning.  She is aggressive in her knowledge of the body and areas that need to have work and energy released. Her use of oils and her strength of energy work is very apparent. I love the work Jenni does in her foot zoning Business. She does an amazing job and is highly intuitive."  - Jan, Southern Utah

"Jenni and her foot zoning is so special to me! She has a beautiful spirit about her and I learned so much each time I go. When I walk in her home I feel welcome and loved; she has a place of peace and love that allows you to feel like you can be open and authentic to who you are. She is completely open to teaching and offering authentic guidance as she zones.


Jenni is accepting and loves each person as they are. She has taught me a lot and has been an incredible healer both spiritually and physically. Her foot zones are truly the best ever; I feel the best I ever do after getting one. She is a gifted being who wants to share each of her gifts and she doesn’t hesitate to do so." - Karli, Provo


"Jenni Orton is amazing! If you're looking for someone to be patient, understand and will listen to you. Then you have found the one. She offers an ocean of love and kindness to you and to those around you.


You get an extreme feeling of trust and loyalty from Jenni the moment she begins to zone your feet. The reason I go to see Jenni is the same reason I would recommend anyone to go to her. That is if you're looking for a genuine person who cares so much about what she does to help physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually."

– Daniel, Salt Lake City

"Skeptical?  Hopeful?  Hesitant? Curious?  I experienced all of these emotions when approaching foot zoning.  I did not know much about zoning and found it difficult to believe that an intense foot rub would personally help me--but the good news--it did! The Foot Zone was not what I expected.  


First off, I was unaware that my feet were and are so sensitive.  The Zone hurt but ultimately felt good.  I was a quick convert to the idea that the therapy did re-balance my system.  During this time I also started to see a therapist.  The interesting thing is, my experience with foot zoning was far more productive than any of my therapy sessions.  


Foot zoning, for me, was and is therapeutic. Jenni Orton is a safe person.  She helped me process things during the zone and identified specific parts of my system that were unbalanced.  This information better enabled me to approach my problems armed with relevant information about my heart, my emotional center, my spiritual center and my digestive system.  No matter your hesitancies, I highly recommend you give foot zoning with Jenni Orton a try.  I sincerely believe you will not regret it." - Tracy, Salt Lake City

"Foot zoning is a type of therapy.  This type of therapy connects certain parts of the foot to parts of the body and even the soul.  

Jenni's character and integrity are spotless.  There are few people in the world who can be so easily trusted and who are so naturally gifted with such a form of therapy as Jenni.

When I went to see Jenni for the first time, I was warmly greeted in a comfortable and inviting setting.  Her spa is immediately refreshing and rejuvenating to the body and soul and is quiet and private.  As Jenni began to work on my feet she carefully found parts of my body, parts of my soul, that needed attention.  She worked these areas more purposefully.  As she did so I was surprised, shocked even, at how precise her treatment was.  Certain issues or stresses that I had been experiencing for years began to surface.  This is the purest form of detoxification I have ever experienced.  


I trust Jenni implicitly so I felt appropriately safe and comfortable discussing these issues with her, my friend.  She allowed me to verbalize what I felt comfortable with sharing but displayed the highest level of respect for my privacy.  


Jenni also keeps reliable research material available for her clients to use and help them privately understand why a certain part of their body would need to be worked.  For example, why the neck would be unusually tight and what aspects of life the tension comes from.


As I left my first foot zone, I felt even. I felt balanced and sure again.  That night I slept like a rock!  I was also aware of parts of my life that needed to be addressed on my personal level which I was not aware of before and which I am confident only revealed themselves in the setting, gifts, and care Jenni gives to her clients.  

Foot zoning has helped me gain greater, more complete health that I enjoy more fully each day in every aspect of my life." - Paige, Salt Lake City


"Jenni is gifted with a peaceful, calming, balance of energy to simply and thoroughly guide you in shifting and releasing your imbalances. I am so blessed by her work she has done on me.


My 10-year-old daughter loved her first foot zoning experience with Jenni and highly recommends working with her. She said it was relaxing and cleansing. Jenni is great with youth and children." - Jill, Iowa


"Jenni Orton has helped me unlock the power of gratitude in my life. Her example of giving thanks has altered the way I see my day to day life. When I avoid a car accident, eat delicious food, find an item I've been looking for or successfully complete a difficult workout I give thanks for the blessings God has so richly given me. 


Jenni has developed her capacity to ask appropriate and pointed questions that have led me to self reflect and discover my own stumbling blocks. Her personal life is a testament to the success she has had in implementing mental exercise, visualizing, and spiritual centeredness. She is a fabulous and gifted spiritual and physical creator. Peace is her priority and it shows! 


Jenni is unusually good at seeing and finding solutions to simple day to day challenges. She finds many ways through the particularly difficult moments that come with daring greatly and living the life you've always desired!" - Tracy, California

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