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What is emotional clearing work?
do I need it?

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Join Heather Johnson and I in this podcast episode where we talk about the importance of emotional healing.

meet jenni
Listen to Jenni explain her journey into emotional clearing work and what is possible when working with the energetic field in your healing journey.

Emotional Clearing Sessions can cover:

Heart Walls

Abundance Mode

Money Blocks

Weight Release



Physical Pain/Imbalance

Difficulty Forgiving Person/Event 

Moving Past Blocks in Personal Life or Business

Overcoming Negative Beliefs

Anything that is holding you back from achieving your full potential and living your best life.

Heart Wall
Sample session of Jenni clearing a client heart wall.
Weight Clearing
Sample session of Jenni clearing imbalances and trapped emotions blocking Rebecca's ability to release 10 lbs (her weight release goal). You will see the imbalances in her body and how they were energetically contributing to her inability to reach her goal and sustain it. 
Stress Eating
See how quickly and simply Rebecca was able to clear emotional imbalances contributing to stress eating.

Rebecca shares her testimonial of how emotional clearing work has blessed her life.
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